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Here at C&A we are passionate about growth and improvement. Not only do we work with our horses but we work on ourselves. Sharpening one's horsemanship skills is essential. Horses only do what we tell them so we need to learn how to communicate clearly what we want. It doesn't matter if you are on a trail ride or heading a steer, horsemanship matters. 
There is enjoyment in watching others grow and learn a new skill. If we only improve 1% every day then we are winning. We create a positive learning environment. It is our goal for students to develop confidence in themselves whether that be horseback, roping, or in general. 
  • All ages and levels of riders and ropers are welcome! 
  • Students are welcome and encouraged to bring their own horse but there are lesson horses available. 
Listed below are the different lessons options we offer...
(Ground work, horseback riding)

- $65/hr

(Heading, Heeling, Breakaway)

- Ground work $65/hr
- Horseback $75/hr
Open the door and discover your potential...
For more information/pricing on group lessons call Amry :)

With passion and a purpose you will make progress! 


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