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A safe horse is one that has been exposed and put to work. We expose our horses to everything, that way they are prepared to handle any situation. We take pride in the horses we sell, whether we own them personally or not. We enjoy the reward of a confident horse that is ready to be successful with a new owner. We take the time needed to know a horse and know what level they are at so that we can accurately represent them. Here are some of the horses that Cisco and Amry have sold. 

Horses Sold



(Punkin taking care of her new rider at the gymkhana)


(Cisco and Punkin in the practice pen where it all started)

This is a very special mare that Cisco owned for five years. She is currently owned by the Aranda family. She is loved by daughters Sophie and Elizebeth. A great family horse that is also kick ass in the roping pen. 


(Punkin and Eddie getting dialed in for their shot )

"I talk about about one horse a lot but my heart is so full with this mare besides being dads heel horse she's also a lil girls best friend. Sophia was always scared of horses but this mare changed it all..." 

"this mare is worth sooo much to us she is soo good to these lil kids ❤️❤️❤️"


- Gabbie, current owner



(Amry and Flynn pushing the barrier at a college rodeo)

Flynn is an extreme athlete that excelled at everything. He is a true all around rodeo horse. This horse was owned by Amry for five years before becoming apart of the Wells family. Remi has been using Flynn for breakaway and heeling. Remi and Flynn recently placed 7th in the breakaway at Junior High Nationals. 

(Remi and Flynn snaching it on one to become reserve champions in breakaway at the Nebraska Junior High Finals!)


(Flynn getting iced down after his run. Spoiled by his girl)

"Awesome horse with a great personality ☺️ You did a great job with him 👍" 

- Troy, current owner



(Cisco and Mighty scooping them up in the branding pen)


"I'm absolutely in love with him! He's been such an amazing addition to the family. He got me to love heading again and he's becoming such an awesome breakaway horse" 


- Hallie, current owner




Fun fact about Mary is that she was Amry's first mare. But you could not tell, she acts like one of the boys. Amry had this colt from a weanling to a four year old. Mary found her forever home in Oregon with a sweet family.


(Mary is all ready to go with her pack saddle as a two year old)

(Mary as a four year old, always gentle and easy going)


Titan is always going to be a very special horse that anyone could ride and get along with. Gentle as can be. An extremely safe horse for the whole family. Titan was sold to the perfect home where he is SO loved. 



Ringo was a horse that we were able to 'repurpose'. With his previous owner, Ringo was no longer being used and was put on the back burner. Personal issues resulted in the owner needing money and sending Ringo to AZ. We got him cleaned up, put a set of shoes on (he came barefoot), wormed him, and let him rest. Meanwhile, we saw a post from a gal looking for a beginner-type head horse and that is exactly what Ringo is. We got in contact and it was the perfect fit! Ringo is now known as Repo and is living his best life ever! 


"Wanted to thank you again! I roped my first live steer on “Repo” (Ringo) today!!!"

- Casey, current owner

Vegas MC 4.jpg

Abah will always be a very special horse. He was a part of our group (family) for a long time. Amry started Abah from the ground up and spent a lot of time turning him into the horse he became. Abah was very willing to please and easygoing. He was extremely gentle and anyone could ride him. He was the perfect lesson horse. Of course, Abah was also just awesome on his own and was full of confidence. He is now living his best life ever with the perfect family in Texas. We could not have asked for a better home for Abah. We will always have a spot in our hearts for this horse. 


Maggie was especially special to Cisco. She was a horse that he started from the beginning. Cisco will tell you that Maggie taught him a lot about heeling. Maggie is a total sweetheart with no mare-ish attitude. She was a horse that wasn't necessarily for sale... the perfect match just happened to come along. Maggie has a great home and we appreciate the time we had with her. 


Paco was a horse that we didn't need but he needed a new home! When we got him he was underweight and not in the best shape. His feet need some work and we spent time going to the vet to get x-rays and professional help. Aside from not feeling or looking the best Paco is a sweetheart and very gentle. He wanted a home where he was loved and enjoyed. We had no idea what our plans for Paco were. In the meantime one of Cisco's uncles, Tyler, had bought some new property and wanted a kid horse. This is the perfect set up for Paco. He is able to rest and regain strength while babysitting some kids as they learn the ropes of horse care. Paco is living his best live with a field of grass all to himself and more cookies than he can fit in his mouth at one time. 

Jake Jumping 2.JPG
J 14-1-056                                                      2.JPG

Jake takes Amry's story back to the beginning. He is the first special horse that started it all. He was Amry's first horse to raised and trained from start to finish. He is still loved and enjoyed by the King family. He recently celebrated his 10th birthday. Even years later we still love receiving updates from owners. 


"Just wanted to touch base. He's doing great. Very pleased."

- Chad, current owner

"Pretty Boy"

"Pretty Boy seems happy and is adjusting well - we love him already 😘"

"We are bonding a little more each ride 🙏🏻. Yesterday he listened so well and we had a fabulous lesson! "

- Therese, current owner

Satisfaction Guarantee

This is just a few of the unicorns that we have recently sold. We value quality horses that have a strong foundation. By focusing on the basics and the little details we have been able to make horses that can be used for a variety of jobs. It is very satisfying for us to watch them be sucseful at new homes. They become apart of the family and mean a lot to the people around them. 


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